Popular Mechanics
Ric Fulop is a man with the vision of making a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) using li-ion battery. Ric says that li-ion powered eletric motors will be the batteries of the future. Ric is also making a design a PHEV that can be powered by a 110-volt outlet and reach 40 miles before a gasoline motor must be turned on. Your typical outlet is a 110-volt outlet. The new Chevortlet cncept car known as the volt is a PHEV. This car, unlike other hybrids, can be powered completely by energy without using gasoline. Inside the volt there is also a generator that can charge the volt's electric engine in 30 minutes. Sometimes the generator can also send electricity directly into the electric engine. If the car runs out of electricity there is also 2 gas tanks that hold a combined amount of 12 gallons of gasoline.