What is a Web 2.0 Science Class?

A Web 2.0 Science Class is

  • a knowledge-oriented environment
  • a classroom where the students generate content by performing lab experiments, reading, research, and interacting with other students
  • a studio where students publish, manage, and use the knowledge they generate using Web 2.0 tools
  • uploading instead of downloading
  • a community of collaborators, co-teachers, and co-learners

In our Science class we use

  • to share information with the rest of the class
  • to connect to meaningful sites on the Internet
  • to display our projects

  • to review material by describing pictures from class
  • to build language skills
  • to learn logical sequencing
  • to share our discoveries

  • to organize research projects
  • to share information as we find it
  • to gather information from many sources through web feeds

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