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Scientist Conversation 1by KM, KP, KH, JK
Scientist Conversation 2by SM, BK, EH, SF
Scientist Converstaion 3 by MF, MB, BW

Kinetic Energy - The Car Ramp Lab

Our Trip to the Art Museum

Season Stories

- Better late than never?
Season Stories 1
Season Stories 2
Season Stories 3
Season Stories 4

Bridges - A compact curriculum project by HB and KB. click here

Heat - The Transfer of Energy by Period 2 click here

Specific Heat Capacity by Period 1 and Period 4 click here

Chapter 10 Questions - p. 262 by Period 2 click here

Mike and Kyle talk about their experiment. click here

Period 4 teaches the proper way to heat a liquid in the lab. click here

Mission Possible! Why did the clay boat sink??? click here

Metric Stories (Remember these?)
Period 1
Period 2
Period 4