Marking Period 5


We found a great video on center of gravity!
These are the direction for today :] .
- First you have to get your index card, after you get it you have to poke three holes in the index card using the paper cilp.
- Then you have to take the string and put it through the hole and make a slip not. (make a loop around you finger and push the end of the string through the hole but not all the way). Then put the string around the ring stand.

We are studying the physics of motion. How are balanced and unbalanced forces at work when we observe blocks of various shapes stacked vertically in this very serious lab experiment?

Science Spot Kid Zone
ChemBalancer Game
Make your own worksheet at this link!!!!!!!
Algebra Cruncher Game

There is a link to the lab paper for the lead nitrate lab on the Physical Science page. How does the law of Conservation of Mass help explain our results?

Wind Surfing and Algebra? click here

Picture Page for Chem Lab
We are learning about chemical reactions.
Watch the voicethread.

5/8/08 in class today:
We learned about all the different chemical reactants we will use.
We learned about different chemical formulas and that sodium bicarbonate is baking soda.
We learned about subscripts that are used to tell how many atoms of each element are in a compound.


Chemical reactions introduction

Reactants we will use:
  • water
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • calcium chloride
  • bromothymol blue solution

1. Differentiative between Reactants and Products of a chemical Reaction.
2.Record precise Observations in an organized manner.

Periodic Table Game

Electromagnetic force - Please read the article and comment on your wiki.

5/2/08 New Pageflake - Electricity and Magnetism