The salt and ice projects are very interesting. We will be sharing our projects tomorrow. Here is a podcast of period 2 group 6.
Salt and Ice Project with KK and MB.m4a

Tom found an interesting article. click here

12/5/07 Reading Chapter 10.
Here are some reading strategies.
  • Read, Connect, Reread.
  • Take brief notes-in your reading folder.
  • Read a few questions first.
  • Read the captions for all the pictures and diagrams.
  • Star anything that you need to ask about.
  • Look for key concepts.
  • Read "terms to learn" and "what you'll do".
  • Do chapter review at the end of the chapter.
  • Look for words in bold.
  • 12/4/07 Learn what happens when ice melts and freezes. click here
> 11/20/07 We boiled water using our peg board set up. Students need to summarize what they learned about the heating curve of water.
  • matts_graph.JPG
> 11/16/07
  • We began learning to heat liquids in the lab today. Period 4 made a movie to help you with the steps. click here
> 11/9/07
  • 11/2/07
  • Today was our pre-test for Chapter 3. Many students worked hard to finish their reading papers early and study for the pre-test. Thanks for your hard work! You are all excellent students! Four students scored A's on the test and can work on the compact curriculum for chapter 3. You may all be asked, however, to help with some alternate projects in class. The students who scored A's are Kristin, Adam, Kristina, and Halle. Congratulations!
> 11/1/07
  • Period 2 did an awesome job designing an experiment to find the relationship between volume and pressure of a gas.
  • Here is a link to view the voice thread in a larger view. click here
  • 10/30/07
  • Today we learned how to use the Pasco Absolute Pressure sensors with the computers. What made the pressure go up and down? Do you remember?
  • Learning_Pasco.JPG
> 10/29/07
> 10/24/07 Wednesday
> Science Movie - Here it is! Mission Possible by the 4th period science class.