Household Poisons and other Dangers

If you look around your house you'll probablly find many chemical such as cleaning chemicals. Many of these chemicals can be poisonous and dangerous. Even mouthwash such as Listerine has a warning lable saying contact poison controll if swollowed.

A household chemical is defined as chemical substances found in a common household. This dosen't include chemicals that arefood aditives except if you use them for other things besides eating. Household chemicals are put into 6 subcatigories. These catigories are alcohol, automotive chemicals, bleaches, cleaning product componets, cosmetic chemicals, and sunscreening agents.

You may be surprised how many chemicals you have in your house. Bleach, vinegar, drain cleaner, rubbing alcohol, detergent, aluminium, baking soda, and ammonia are all examples of household chemicals.
Household chemicals can be very deadly. Always read the warning lables on chemicals and never mix to different chemical unless it says to on the chemicals directions, Mixtures of household chemical can be very deadly and fatal.