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Laguna's Lessons
  • Block Head Physics Jun 4, 2012
    Motivating students to keep up the learning can be difficult as the end of the school year approaches!  This week I used the old “make it a game” trick to engage students in their physics lesson.  The game Block Head! is a simple block stacking game which can be used to teach the concepts of […]
  • Tablet Time May 8, 2012
    I’ll admit I was a reluctant learner when it came to using tablet computers in the classroom.  I didn’t see the point of a computer that had to be held and didn’t have a keyboard.  I know you can add a keyboard and a case that props up the tablet but then why not use […]
  • The Un-Service Day Apr 24, 2012
    Many people have been attending a new type of conference lately called an “unconference.”  These conferences pool the ideas and expertise of the attendees to create sessions in which everyone is expected to share what they know.   Today my school district held an “Un-service Day” which was not the typical inservice that we are […]
  • SHOUT with the Smithsonian Institution Apr 3, 2012
    Our SHOUT Science Team’s first goal was to help collect data for the Smithsonian’s global tree banding project.  We applied to the program, got our tree banding kit, and banded 5 trees around our school.  Today we uploaded our first data and pictures to the data collection web site.  We would like to band 5 […]
  • The Start of Something Great Mar 29, 2012
    How much thought do you put into the beginning of your lessons?  Dr. Judy Willis teaches that in order for students to learn, information must pass through several filters that are easily closed by common classroom circumstances.  For example, when we begin class with an activity that students find stressful, like a difficult warm-up problem […]