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Laguna’s Lessons
  • Edcamp Philly: Intro to Passion Based Learning May 17, 2015
     Link to the Edcamp session notes In Jen and Christy’s session on passion based learning, everyone could see the importance of helping students develop their passions and learn how to apply inquiry based learning to explore their own ideas. The session mostly focused on how to accomplish this goal while still covering the curriculum. Many […]
  • Ordinary to You, Extraordinary to Someone Else May 16, 2015
    Edcamp Philly Session Link What would happen if students and teachers truly understood the importance of their ideas? Instead of wondering if their ideas were any good, classroom innovators would be sharing their experiences and learning from others. Teachers at EdCamp Philly were able to do just that on Saturday as they met to […]
  • Teaching Students to Use New Technology: Modeling then Discovery Nov 23, 2014
    When I introduce a new tool to my students, I do so by modeling the tool. By using a wiki to give them notes, for example, I was able to show them how a wiki can be used to organize information and to share in editing. Now they are adding lab summaries and digital artifacts […]
  • Smart Boards and Google Drive Nov 18, 2014
    Click Here For The Class Notes! For the past few years I have found many ways to use the Smart board in my math and science classes.  The notes from class can be saved and shared with absent students or printed out for students who struggle with note taking.  In addition, however, it is easy […]
  • Block Head Physics Jun 4, 2012
    Motivating students to keep up the learning can be difficult as the end of the school year approaches!  This week I used the old “make it a game” trick to engage students in their physics lesson.  The game Block Head! is a simple block stacking game which can be used to teach the concepts of […]